We’re on a mission to advance inclusion in the Portland-area tech industry

We believe in nurturing our community through career growth and opportunities. Below is the most up-to-date job listings from local companies in tech and beyond, many of which are also PDXWIT sponsors.

Success Spotlight

"Three of the four Engineering roles we've filled over the last year have been through PDXWIT, two directly through the job board and one referral. The Job Board has been a key part of our approach to building a strong team and vibrant company culture at Hatch Data."
- Daniel Somerfield, Director of Engineering @ Hatch Data

"It is important for me to work somewhere that values inclusion. This is not only because I would like to be treated equitably but also because I know businesses with workforce demographics that reflect our real world are more successful. I seek out companies that participate in PDXWIT initiatives and the job board because, by doing so, they demonstrate those values."
- Sarah Stone-Lovell, hired via PDXWIT job board

"I wasn't planning to apply for jobs at startups, because I wasn't sure they would be a good culture fit for me. But seeing this role posted on PDXWIT made me rethink that assumption, and now I'm happily situated on a fantastic team where my voice is heard and my contributions are valued."
- Chelsa Spangler, hired via PDXWIT job board

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Look for these badges

  • 100% remote work for the posted role
  • Internal code of conduct
  • Unlimited or 3+ weeks of PTO
  • 6+ weeks of paid parental leave
  • Trans healthcare meeting WPATH Guidelines
  • Public diversity data (either through EEOC submission or other public form)
  • Pay Transparency 1: Narrow pay bands (under 10k) per job role
  • Pay Transparency 2: Each job role has ONE salary
  • Pay Transparency 3: All salaries are public (examples)

Selected badges will be audited.

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