We’re on a mission to advance inclusion in the Portland-area tech industry

We believe in nurturing our community through career growth and opportunities. Below is the most up-to-date job listings from local companies in tech and beyond, many of which are also PDXWIT sponsors.

Success Spotlight

"When it came to expanding our presence in
Portland, we were intentional about creating an
inclusive workforce from the very beginning. We
wanted to partner with organizations that shared our commitment to inclusion and diversity and felt that PDXWIT’s mission was very much in line with our own. Through leveraging the job board,
newsletter, virtual happy hours, and more to promote our opportunities, we’ve hired great talent all within the first two months of our work together!"

- Jewelle Brown, Inclusion & Diversity @ Square
- Ally Laborde, Business Recruiter @ CashApp

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Look for these badges

  • 100% remote work for the posted role
  • Internal code of conduct
  • Unlimited or 3+ weeks of PTO
  • 6+ weeks of paid parental leave
  • Trans healthcare meeting WPATH Guidelines
  • Public diversity data (either through EEOC submission or other public form)
  • Pay Transparency 1: Narrow pay bands (under 10k) per job role
  • Pay Transparency 2: Each job role has ONE salary
  • Pay Transparency 3: All salaries are public (examples)

Selected badges will be audited.

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